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timeless beauty

I believe the true beauty of a portrait is made by capturing you as you are. In your session, we will embrace raw beauty over perfection; true feeling over staged emotion; and timeless romance over passing trends.

intentional imagery

Romance is your medium, and your session is a time of creativity for you and your significant other - an opportunity to be present over perfect. Our time together will be entirely dedicated to documenting your relationship in its purest form.


relational authenticity

Your wedding photographer is with you from the moment you begin preparations to the final send-off. My primary goal is to make sure I am serving you and yours the very best by being engaged in your day and collaborative with your vision as both a friend and a professional.

heirloom storytelling

Photographs are heirlooms to be shared with the generations, be they print or digital. The smallest of details make your day yours, and I’m always looking for the quiet moments that make the legacy of your day. Your love story is a saga and deserves to be told as one.


Your story deserves documenting.


I launched Alyssa Jiosa Photographs three weeks before my own wedding. Our elopement plans were being finalized, I was working full-time for an aerial photography company, and my car’s muffler had just fallen off. Life was crazy. The timing was crazy. It didn’t make sense.

But it had been my dream for almost two years. Until 2018, I had only shot the occasional wedding for family and friends, and then clients started inquiring and my dreams shifted. See, my adventuresome spirit had been romanced by my husband. I wasn’t looking for a relationship when we meet in Port-au-Prince in the summer of 2013. I was determined to dedicate myself to photojournalism with everything in me, and thought that left no room for anything - or anyone - else. But he pursued me through my stubborn one-track goal and I fell in love… not just with him, but with the raw, powerful beauty of romance.

And so Love Stories was created. Built on the foundation of my experiences - from photography, to travel, to falling in love - it includes so many parts of me. My admiration for classic photographers, for example, is frequently observed in my black and whites. My experience in studio is also visible in my work, as I replicate lighting styles using available light. My expeditions through Africa, the Caribbean, South & Central America, and Europe with a camera in hand all taught me to document the details that make a moment singular. And, most importantly, my very best friend - who taught me romance is worth commemorating.

Nathan has supported my photography with a passion equal to my own, and our relationship has doubled my dreams for my work. Photojournalism will always hold a place in my heart, but now your love story is my passion. Why? Because it’s just as beautiful as ours, and it deserves memorializing.

This is my love story. Together, let’s capture yours.

Alyssa Jiosa Cox


intentional imagery. heirloom storytelling.

Documenting with light and love since 2018.