Ben & Rachel's Nostalgic Engagement Session in Hillsboro Village

When I first met Rachel, she immediately won me over with her creative spirit and passion for ceramics. She is a woman of many talents - a professional potter, a natural homemaker, and a compassionate animal lover - and we got to know one another even better when I photographed her 10,000 Tumbler Project, the proceeds of which were equally dedicated to paying for her degree and sponsoring other students’ education. Ben matches her in creativity, and is no less diversified in his pursuits - he dedicates himself to music as an recording artist, musician, songwriter, and producer; and his experience has spanned across multiple genres of music. He works from home in the studio he built . . . one room away from Rachel’s.

Ben & Rachel create together, laugh together, and love together with every fiber of their beings. For their engagement session, we spent a cool spring afternoon tracing their history: the place where they met, the alleyway where they first kissed, and the college where they both graduated. With a quiet joy and reverent nostalgia, they shared their beginnings with me, and I was humbled to document their love story.