Mike & Morgan's Cinematic Engagement Session in Sylvan Park

Mike & Morgan welcomed me into their home on a Thursday afternoon for their engagement shoot. I had only met them twice before - once for coffee, and then for drinks at a local neighborhood pub - but I felt as if I’d known them for years. Morgan has an infectious personality: vivacious, passionate, and engaged, and Mike compliments her with firm intellect, a stable demeanor, and a ready sense of humor. As is the case when you meet couple who is undeniably true to themselves (think: Star Wars tributes, a pack of four-legged furry rescues, passion for Scotch whiskey, chakra stones, Honda love, & Morgan’s hand-painted artwork decorating the walls) the conversation flowed easy and our acquaintance quickly deepened to rich friendship, which kept their session relaxed and down-to-earth. Posing them was unnecessary, and I was allowed to observe their love with quiet intimacy. The hours melted away and I left feeling as though I had just witnessed the a beautiful indie film from start to dreamy finish.